[Open for Collaboration] Spirit Battle - a Pokemon Conquest like Strategy RPG


Yesterday i used GDevelop for 1 Year!
To Celebrate this a little, i want to show off my second started project.

This game is going to be similar to Pokemon Conquest. It has no name yet. For now I’m going with the project name spirit battle.

The Monster style is simmilar to pokemon, but leaning more towards cooler Monster and no evolution system is planned.

Monster index:

I update this from time to time

#001 Asteroo
P_001 asteroo


#003 Ganter
P_003 Ganter

P_004 004




P_008 008

P_010 010-S_gif
Thanks @diana23570


The Pathfinding works close to perfect.
Type chart is in the making and I hope I will create an interesting balance.
Stats are HP/Attack/Defence/Speed/Movement

For the moves i thought of a cool sytem. They will be elemental crystals to equip to attack slots. the more powerful, the more charge it will need. that way every move will have usage and not just pick the strongest move every time.

I am uncertain if I want to implement a level system, because grinding is a poor way of giving the player the feeling of progress. This will come with the conquering of the map and the collection of power crystals (attacks).
By not using a level system I can also assure more interesting battles and challenges.

World Map navigation (screenzise reduced):


Im looking for mechanics to make the map a more interesting place.

Working on this project is really fun.
I am thinking of implementing some topdown movement to move around the local maps, till battle, or just leave it as a 100% strategy game, not sure yet.

I am making this Project public to the GD community and everyone who wants to collaborate is very much welcomed.
Any field of knowledge/work/ideas is welcome,
Spriting/mapping/music/sounds/mechanic ideas/events/balancing/etc

Link to the Discord Server

i did change the game from 800x600 res to 1920x1080 and increased the grid from 50x50 to 64x64 and not only did i break alot with it, the pc i am working with cannot handle the game anymore very well. so as for now, i am continuing the development on the smaller resolution.


Nice progress ! Looking cooool


I’m glad to see people making different types of games with GDevelop - lots of shooters and platformers pop up around here, but RPGs are a bit harder to come by. I think if I can do something half as good when I’ve been using GDevelop for one year I’ll be doing very well.


Great game, how long have you been working on it?


about 2 months. Started in January this year.
i had 0 experience in game development before and there are no examples for this kind of games on GD, so i went by trial and error and some google research to figure out how stuff like a* pathfiding works.


You made a lot in 2 months. Good luck :heart: You must have learnt alot from the game.


Heh, the 1st sprite of Pokémon-like creature reminded me about 1 kitsune-like Digimon. I like these sprites


thanks :slight_smile:
I actually made that sprite 10 years ago for a german speaking forum.
There was a thing going on called “erfinde dein pokemon” (invent your pokemon) which we used on shoddy battle (before pokemon showdown existed).

heres the Link to the topic if someone is interested.
Come to think of it, kinda cool that Asteroo might be played again after more than 10 years :smiley:


Has anyone here interest in collaborating with me on this one? :smiley:
Any field of knowledge/work is welcome,
Spriting/mapping/music/sounds/mechanics ideas/events/balancing/etc
since is so early in development anything is still possible.


I can help you a bit with graphics, because I’m not so good in making graphics, but anyway I wanna help. Is it okay?


that would be lovely.
what kind of graphics would you like to do? Maps? Mons? UI?


Monsters. I can help you with concepts of them too. So, what elements will be: water, fire, earth, electricity, grass, wind or something like this?


here is the artpack of what i have so far. use it as orientation.
as for types, i am working on a chart atm, not complete yet but its in the pack:

If you want you could make more frames,
inbetweenframes from 3 to 5. but 3 frames works somewhat already.


I’m working only on concept arts of monsters. Is it okay?


yes, of cause. Its very much needed.
Im pretty good in turning concepts into sprites, so you dont need to work super clean.


Concept arts will be as pixel arts, but they will be rought. Right now I’m working on a cat, which have a special weapon. Anyway thank you


Done! You can change it


Wanna give it a name? I like it, Thanks alot :heart:


I was thinking so.

You can name it as you want


Wow its open for collaboration … I wanna join… but what kind role is available?