[Open for Collaboration] Spirit Battle - a Pokemon Conquest like Strategy RPG


@Ruhan, as @Slash said:


oH! Is there any deadline for this project?


well, that actually depends IF the boarders from sweden to estonia will open in spring. Because if it does, ill continue my travel and can only now and then (in city libraries) check the internet, but will probably have no way of continuing the work.
So the “deadline” would be only for me and that could be around march/april next year.
But that does not prevent anyone else to continue the legacy.
And idk, but i might pop in later again, if destiny so wishes.


:confused: Why not set a proper deadline and start seriously? The concept is nice if it get published it will be awsome!


March/april next year is as accurately a deadline as it gets for a game isnt it?
Secondly no one gets payed here, so there is no reason to simulate stress.
Its a hobby project and i do not plan on making money of it. But if the endresult is super awesome, then we can consider put it on steam etc.
and i am working more than 8h a day on it, basically full time.


Oh I see … do we have any discord server ? so that I can join and help with some task


i would prefer to use the forum. to make it public.
But if the forum staff has a problem with me using this Thread here as a public developer platform and chatroom, i will download discord.


I don’t think forum staff have any problem with this … Discord have some more quality feature for team projects in my opinion and you can keep everything organize there … and discord server can be public also


ok, i guess having a discord server too, cant hurt much.
I just dont want progress be invisible. I do not want to give the impression of a closed circle. Having everything publicly visible might encourage more people to join.
When they see whats done, its easier for some to say, hey, i can do that too or i can help on that.


Well I would Like to work on ui stuff is the base game ready to design the ui ?


yes, ui elements are needed and some would be ready to implement right away.
Battle UI (like in the gif OP).
For battle UI i thought 64x64 px (1 mon tile). space to work with and should fit Attack/Move/HP-Bar and potentially a third button (i think i want to scratch items but an Info button could fit there.
I have left 64px on top for ui and 128px on the bottom. You can think up a new layout if you like, maybe its best to have all clickable action in a bottom menu.

Resolution is 1280*960

I clean up the project a little and upload it.


Any creative minds here has some ideas to make interactions with your lands/provinces more interesting?
the obvious ones are recource management and politics. but for recource management i have a tough time thinking of something that logically fits. its not like there are weapons to be bough/forged and i am not so fond of the ideas of items anymore.
maybe some kind of settlement management where the population of the given land needs to be satisfied, or rebellions happens/warriors/Mons leave your side.

i am looking for a system that makes the map more than just means of moving into the next battle.

Another, more important, thing is,
we need some kind of capturing systems for the Monster. the pokeball appreach is pretty garbage i feel. pokemon conquests way of making warriors join your army is more interesting, because it involves a little bit of strategy.


There’s an old text based mmo called “Utopia” which has some interesting interactions between land/politics. It’s existed since the 90s and still has a memberbase of ~2000 players (at one time it was the #1mmo in the world).

In your province, you have peasants and buildings
Peasants generate gold, if they are employed.
Different buildings give different bonuses
Building bonus effectiveness correlates with employment
military units are drafted from peasantry = less employed peasants
more powerful units cost more to train and more upkeep to maintain.
units can be trained to offense, defense, thievery, or magic
There’s also science which can be trained to increase effectiveness of different mechanics(income, building effectiveness, military power, magic, etc)
different attacks can target different areas of the province (peasantry, buildings, military, science, etc)

Not recommending you should copy, but maybe a base of some different mechanics you can explore besides items/resources :slight_smile: The idea seems to be that economy has an inverse correlation with military might.

Maybe different monsters in provinces have different strengths (strong economy, military, or whatever) and could have conditions for capture that are customized along with province strengths/weaknesses. ie one monster could be captured when the economy crashes, or another to when the military is reduced to a certain amount, or when the magicians are destroyed.

Not so much a recommendation, just exploring some ideas. :slight_smile:


thanks for your input @fitkoh , i´ll look into it, maybe i find something of interest.

I finally managed to optimize the path-preview!
Much much faster now :smiley:


i was listending to many different pokemon complainer lately, and it seems most agree, that a big mistake of pokemon clones is not having Evolutions, important for the feel of growth.
So i decided im gonna roll with it.
I made a testanimation for an evolution, takes some time, but certainly cooler, then just 2 sprites alternating under flashlight, lol.

P_012 Evo_003P_003