Wanted: videos of your games made with GDevelop!


Awesome Game, very colorful and dynamic.:+1:


Exceptional game, truly! Well done!
Felicitations Wiesi, when i realize it’s your first project with GDevelop i think you are in the right direction to make a very impressive game.
Go on and don’t hesitate to post news about your game.



Thanks a lot everyone for your kind words, it’s very much appreciated. :slight_smile:
I’ll definately let you know when the game is done and ready to play.

Have a great day!


@Wiesi as everyone else said congrats it’s a very nice looking game! Be sure to tag me here or send me a DM when you have a first version of the game released - I would love to add it on the website games showcase :slight_smile:


@4ian Thank you!! And, again, I can’t stress enough how great Gdevelop is. It really changed my life in a good way. :slight_smile:


Hello mates, today I give you State Machine Combo

more info playable demo and downloads here



This is my new game, almost done. :slight_smile:
A (sometimes) very difficult platformer.

And the store link:


Oh man I missed you! I was expecting a part 2 of your previous game…


O great! Very impressive and interesting game! A mention all specially for animation of hero.

On which platforms can we play with your game?



You wake up in a strange place, with a strange voice, you just know you have to run away. And to make matters worse, an unknown being gives tips, but doesn’t tell you who he is. So come find out who he is, and why you’re there. Decator is an adventure game and little mystery. With an engaging story, though simple.

CNJ-GAMES: The game is simple, but I intend to improve several aspects and the history of the game. This is a game based on an old idea of mine that I’ve always wanted.

Made with Gdevelop 5.


GAMEJOLT: https://gamejolt.com/games/Decator-Cnjgames/491154
ITCH.IO: https://cnj-games.itch.io/decator

OBS: The English translation is available in the upper left corner, by default it is in Portuguese. Thanks!


Thank you. I’d rather have to rework it to be better …
Unfortunately, it did not succeed. I just don’t have much time.


Thank you! First android (paid and free), then itch.io if I put in the controller support.


Its verry sad to know :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Hi everyone, I just released this action platformer on the Google Play store.

this is the link for the Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.fiatasoft.escape


for the video I don’t have an account on youtube, so you can see it from instagram



WIP from a few ago (disregard the music, it’s just what I was listening to when recording)

There’s an amusing and cool-looking bug recorded, wait for it :o)


lol, that looks absolutely epic. Had a good chuckle at the end though, did not see that coming.


Wow, thanks.

I didn’t see it coming the first time around either, lol.

It has more stuff and looks better now, the little problem is that right now I’m integrating together different stuff I have in different scenes (an actual level + a megabomb in one scene; enemies, weapons and powerups in another scene; and jointed miniboss in a third scene)


Sounds awesome, hope we get to play it soon!


Hi guys!
This is the one I´m working on.