Wanted: videos of your games made with GDevelop!



New video of my shoot’em’up, Heirs of the Elder Lords

@convictedweirdo pinging you since you liked the old video and this one has lots more stuff!


That looks amazing. The destructible environment totally took me by surprise.


Hi 4ian
Please receive to my games on Playstore of …

The Lords of Moonlight Equatorial Conflict

The Lite version is free to download and play but has an in game 10 day play time limit

PS love GDevelop, great job to the whole team and community


I found this game in a gdevelop YouTube channel. How to download this game.


Thats a game made by me
https://rtbruhan.itch.io/green-dhaka Here is the game if you wanna play


Dopo lo voglio provare // I want to try it later


Second game made with GDevelop and published on Play Store, indicating in game that it was made in GDevelop. It has a lot of GDevelop features, even if I only use a few more … I need to improve :wink:

Action platform. An arcade with different scenarios.

link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.fiatasoft.rosyteo


Very pleasant game!
It’s true that platformer games are my favorite too.

The small ennemies in the video seem tp be inspired by the Cacamoras characters of Dysney’s film VAHIANA :grin:


Here’s a fun demo for all Castlevania fans:

1dplatformer very similar to Classic Castlevanias.


You platformer game is very well done.
You have potential, it’s sure.

When i see the demo, i can’t help thinking to old games like GODS (1991 on Amiga and Atari ST) which certainly are games who inspired Castlevania.

Well done!


My game is still waaaay early into development, still want some footage?


Keep in mind it’s for a showreel that has already been done. So it’s probably no use to send videos anymore, and the videos expected are more of finished products. If you have a working demo and film it it should be fine tho.


It’s always interesting to see in video the different games, it can be useful also for a next showreel.
Indeed it is more awaited videos of playable games, with a correct quality of minimum 1080p 60fps in


with a correct quality of minimum 1080p 60fps in

@Bouh I don’t want to be a party pooper, but I very much doubt that GDevelop’s userbase can reliably record videos at such quality. I don’t think I can, and in my case my game’s resolution is 320x240…


1080p is the final target for the video, if your game use an 320x240 (1.33 ratio), and you enable the fullscreen you record the screen, the game will have a letterbox (black bar) because the ratio isn’t same as 1080p (1.77 ratio).

I you prefer by 1080p i mean a good quality, not like the 144p on Youtube full of artefacts and blurry.


Ok ok.

Know what? Next time I post a video I’ll ping you so you can tell me if the resolution is acceptable or I need to make it better.


Good boy! The characters move very well and has a captivating graphic. Your game is developed in a gloomy and dark location, you can try to exploit the points of light offered by the Gdevelop functionality (for example you can put lanterns with the circle of light: it is enough that the circle behind the lantern is yellow and transparency at 150)


Wow! That looks very impressiv! It really has that Castlevania-feeling to it. Can’t wait to play the final version! Keep up the great work!


Gran idea, lastima que todavía no termine el mío :frowning: