Two in the Dark -alfa 0.163 (release of the game by Binary Land type)


Two in the Dark

Reworked the idea of playing on the NES (Binary Land)
A game for the smartest=)
So far, I have released 7 levels. On them, I will check the playability, errors, and see what to add. Therefore, the release is in alpha. Upon completion, more levels and several chips are planned.
_________ new version 0.163

Problem with removing the light

[fixed in v0.164] The first level cannot be enabled without reducing the window width


add resolution and auto resolution fix 0.1642


v0.1643 Characters on the 3 level fall through the wall





Not! (Something like that.)



(Mischievous) Behavior: TopDownMovement or What is it: did the author of the game miss something, or did it just happen that this game reveals the weaknesses of GD5 :thinking:

(Apparently, the unintentional ability to pass through walls and other impenetrable places)