This Post is about UID (Unique Identity Number)


Some of you might want to use UID function in-game… Here is a project sample this might help you.
Not to mention @ddabrahim helped me with this :smile: So in this project if you press key “A” each time a new object will create in the scene. And if you hover mouse cursor on it you can see it’s UID throw the Debug text object. And in your game, you can use this method and you can get the UID threw the object variable name “ID” and use it as you want.:blush:


Hi, i don’t understand really your code, but i have my way to do ! can you tell me if it’s good way to set ID to objects?



Tell me what you think about that :wink:


Wow This is also a nice method thanks for sharing with us


Thank you :wink: I am not so experienced, maybe there is better technique, but i do with instinct, without programming ! You can send me a example of your technique for i see better ?? when you have time…


Yea sure Here it is


Thank you, i will look and try understand better :wink: