Text Anchor Help


Hi, for some reason when I anchor a text to the screen, it bugs out and and moves upward.


Hi please details the bug, if you can send a project.
What did you expect?
What is the current result?


@Bouh I wanted the text to anchor to the screen.
Here is a test project, and if you jump and move around the text doesn’t anchor, it just kinda floats around: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ifs4d5af3rpaq7/TextUIBug.zip?dl=0


It’s not a bug, your text is like all objects it stay static on the scene but like you move the camera the text deseappear because you go way from it.

You need add a new layer for the text and move the text on it.


I made a UI layer and set the text to the layer. It doesn’t work.
EDIT: I did it on a different project and it didn’t work. I must have forgotten on the test project.