[Solved] Rewarded Video Ads not showing


Ads not showing in the Android phone.


do you have the admob id and the appid correctly set in the project??
In my experience, load the video and show when is ready, I think there is an event called banner is ready, so I guess there is one for reward.
Then you show.
Ads take their time to load.


It is done similarly in admob project which comes with gdevelop.
There are two ways to add reward ads video.

  1. add LOAD button that will only load the video.
    Then show the video via SHOW button.
  2. in second method, you load the video and show it
    when it is loaded.
    I have used the second one. Don’t know what mistake I have made.

I have added my admod reward video ads id too.


and have you added to the project the admob app id?? there is an id for the app an another for the ad.
Load and set show when completed=yes, sometimes don’t work fine, it never shows


Are Android Reward Video ID and Admob Application ID(for iOS and Android) same???


Now I load my ads in this manner.


no, they arent. The Admob App ID is the one in the project properties.
The other must be when you load the video.
Seems to be ok, have you checked your admob account?? it should be all ok there.



uhmm, seem fine. You now it only works when compiled on the phone right?. Sometimes takes days for the ads to start showing. When did you set the admob account unit? Could be that.
Open your game an click sometimes and close the game and open again, for me sometimes ads are not shown.
If testing use the test option on the code to see sample ads.


I made my admob ad unit 2 day ago.


:thinking: try with a banner and when it shows the other will work too.
I think it took a week or so to start showing ads in my app


Recently created banner ad unit too.
Week?? No problem will wait for a whole week, just to see ads in my app :smile:.


ok, lets see what happens


Today Banner and interstitial ads are showing, these ads unit were created yesterday.
But still Rewarded ads are not shown.

Can I created a reward system with interstitial ads??


maybe is a problem with admob plugin. I only created intersticial and banner and they work. I Will create a reward and let yiu know if works.
Yo could show intersticials but i think ina reward video you are paid only for viewing, with intersticials they must touch and follow the link, i think. They are indeed almost the same


Atlast today reward ads are showing.
Problem solved!!


Nice! told you :sunglasses: