[Solved] How to jump to the last post in a topic?


Maybe it is obvious but I can not figure out. When I open an old and long topic, it is just keep scrolling and scrolling forever in the new forum, it is never ends.
How can you jump to the last post?


I believe the new forum engine is trying to help and open the topic at the last post you have read but in case you haven’t read the topic for ages, it can be a pain to scroll that much.


Go to the topic and press “j” for the last post.


Thanks but I was hoping there is something built-in to the forum engine to jump directly to the last post.
‘j’ is only scroll the page down.

Thanks anyway. :+1:


There’s the timeline of the topic on the right side, just click on the most recent date.

And when you’re in the list of topics, you can click on the date stamp next to the topic name to access the latest post directly.


Thanks, It worked! :slight_smile: