Simple tutorials


how to make copy for enemy with Animation And Action Code , And how make Enemy after Kill Not Effect On player without Hiding


GDevelop 5 - Damage Example

In this example:

-Simple damage events

-“knock back” damage using tweens.

-Health bar using sprite and health bar using tiled object.

-“Damage flashing” (when flashing -> no damage).

-Enemy walking and attacking when close enough.


Hey what’s dudes) Nice to meet you and have a nice day !


GDevelop 5- Particle Effects
Effects are made using GDevelop 5 particles emitter object. You can use, modify and share them as much as you want to.

Effects included:

-8 different fire effects

-4 save/portal effects

-Rain and snow effects

-9 explosion effects and 1 fuse effect

-6 laser/plasma/weird effects

-Ghost made using particles emitter object


Very good tutorials.


Thanks. Maybe I will someday :slight_smile: Problem with that kind of tutorials are that it will take a lot of time to make one. Metroidvania or beat 'em up is a broad concept. It’s always better if you can say what game mechanics do you want to make and ask how to make one.
If you ask how to make Metroidvania style game, I would say that google knows best :smiley:


Hey Guys!
I’ve been loving G develop 5, and currently am creating a simple plat-former. My progress is pretty good so far but I have hit a Road Block. My characters animations get stuck on the first frame of the movement animation. It has not done this for any other animation but the movement left and right ( Running). Before any one tells me, the game i am creating requires custom controls. Therefor I cant change to the preset Plat former controls.


Use the “simulate right key press” and also the left. its better than using the change position action.


Hi, and sorry for late reply! Forgot to answer and now I got notify about new comment.

As Gem said, use simulate key presses if you use platformer behavior. And you should take a look finite state machine

It is easier to control player actions when you use variables as player states.