Simple tutorials


Yep, that would be the best situation. I will announce in the future when I am sure that I don’t have anything else to do after a week or so.

Well… I don’t speak english so well, but that is pretty much must to do if I start to make live tutorial sessions. Though, that’s the way how I can learn to speak better english :stuck_out_tongue:

I might stream again today so if people want to get information about it subscribe the channel (maybe not tutorials today :smiley:):


Making some random infinite runner game on Live :stuck_out_tongue:


New shieeeet is out:
A Very Simple Stamina Bar
How To Make Player Name
Camera Tutorials/Examples
(Camera follows only in certain places and camera transition room to room).

And my youtube channel:


Very, Very Simple Example About Alternative Endings

My youtube channel:


Zooming in & out:
Spawning enemies & random numbers:
Hp & Lives:

You can download the tutorial/example files here:


Thank you for this! Seems like a good place to start learning!



New Tutorial/Example “Different Attack Animations”:

You can download the tutorial/example files here:


thanks for those tutorials, they are really helping. Waiting for a new streaming :smiley:


I’m glad if those tutorials are helpful :slight_smile: Only if I had more time I could stream and make videos more often! :smiley:


New Tutorial/Example:
Dead Animation Using Body Parts:


How To Make a Simple “Boost Attack For Adjacent Cards” Thing:


Fade In/Out:

Camera X & Y Position And Camera With Limits:


Great work as usual !


Love your tuts!
A simple and easy way of making great functions with GDevelop. Perfect for noobs like me, lol!

I also check your blog, im doing that since last December when i start with GD, and adapted some of your tuts for my game project, “Rob, The Dog!”. You can find it under the Game Showcase section.

May i ask you something, mate? Only when and if you have the time, of course, but may you post a simple tut about how to make an object (lets call it the Hero or Player) move perfectly well with vertical moving platforms?
Im pretty sure about a post/thread here explaining that process but i missed that explanation for sure cause eveyithing i do seeems not to work. The movement of the Player in a vertical moving plat is very strange, it seems the player is always falling, strange. I did try to fix that with several behaviors but, no joy at all. :frowning:




Thank you! I usually make tutorials just like I want them to be when I watch tutos myself :smiley: Just events and how it works. Not useless speaking and blather :smiley:

There you go:
“I think this is the problem of many. This is the one way to solve the problem, but it´s absolutely not the only way.”

Ps. I’ll try your game soon! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the video Jubeliuksen! It’s awesome!
I have been “playing” (testing) with it these last 2 days but i must confess i didn´t had complete success! Almost, almost, but not complete success. :frowning:

Everything works fine, very smoothie in fact when the Player is on the Platform BUT when the Platform in going UP i can´t move the Player to the right or left (but i can perform the jump)… This only happens when going up because when the Platform is moving down everything works like a charm.
What am I missing here? Im sure im missing something but i can´t figure out what may be… It’s my fault, of course, because in our video everything works fine.

Im posting a pic of my conditions/actions here. Maybe you or someone else can help me out with this. (Unlike in your example, my Player uses several animations -idle, jump, falling, walk- but i don´t think that’s the problem, or is it?).

There’s also a file to download. It’s the “final work” using those same conditions/actions.




Do you mean the animation don’t work or you really can’t move the player left or right?
If it’s animation, you can add sub event (when player is moving change variable etc) to event 14 and use variables also in the event 6 sub events.

And remember that values I gave in my tuto (your event 14) only works if you have same size platform. I forgot to mention that :smiley:

But I’ll check your file in the evening :slight_smile:

Okay I tested your file and I think the player character stuck to the platform somehow. I think It´s because of event 14, maybe wrong values. Can you send me that project so I can test it and change values?

Here is updated events:


Thank you for taking the time for helping me with this! :slight_smile:

The animations are working fine. The problem is in the left/right movement (only when the plat is moving up).
Evreything else works very well.
You can check that in the file.

If you think it may be usefull, i can also upload the .GDG file for you to check it. Let me know, ok?
Thanks again, mate!


The example sources would be useful, because it’s very weird, there is no visible code modifying the player X position or the platformer options, the platformer behavior should works no matter the animation used :confused:


There you go!
The file project for you guys to check, please:

I tried to change some values for the moving platform (it’s a 50x50 plat) but, still no luck at all…
What i find strange is the fact that the “bug” only happens when the plat is going up and not when going down… There’s no logic here because it should work no matter if the plat goes up or down OR it should no work at all! Lol!