Simple dialogue


Please implement a simple dialogue behavior or event. it is way too complicated to make simple dialogue and I might just be stupid but it’s going to turn people off. being a good game designer isn’t about figuring out stupid little things about a game engine it’s about getting a good idea on to the screen. And this one issue is making getting my imagination into my project difficult.


Preach it! This needs to happen. I’ve so many of gdevelop games with little story line because of this. I’m probably gonna tough through it and still add dialogue but for the future this needs to happen


The first version of the dialogue system has been released. Try it and share feedback.


It broke my game I cannot launch it anymore :sob:i just get a frozen loading circle


5.beta79 version? Sorry but, where? I can’t find :frowning:
Any examples on the list having this?


5 beta 80 has been released in fact. :slight_smile: Here’s where to find all the project’s releases: