Scene Variables - Sort / Change order



first of all - thanks to all developers for creating this great program! Very comfortable to handle and so far i haven’t run into big limitations regarding my type of game.

i have one little question:

Is there a way to sort Scene Variables?



Hello. What did you mean by “Is there a way to sort Scene Variables”? Can you explain?



when i create a new scene variable (with multiple childs), it would be useful to change the order of the variables in the list or to move variables to another position - especially when i have a lot of trees.

It seems the child variables are sorted alphabetically, but the main variables are listed chronologically.

I hope you understand better what i mean - sry my english ist not so good :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello. So you have a group of variables and you would like to move them to another location at the same time, right?

P. S: I actually communicate with the help of a translator :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yes for example!
In short I want to have more control of the list order of variables for a better overview and probably later improvement (for easier saving for example).

Additional it would be nice to have the possibility to close or open specific variable trees (structures).

I’ve attached a screenshot. The yellow arrows are just an example.

Thanks for your effort! (:


I have bad news for you: variables and child variables cannot be moved :slightly_frowning_face:. This, unfortunately, is a fact. I opened the sample for an isometric game, added variables that did not really affect the game. Further, I tried to move the variables of two types, but, as I said earlier, it is impossible. So you will have to create a post with a request to add moving variables in the “Feature Request” section. I just have no other ideas, so I’m sorry :pensive:


yeah i think i’ll to do that. There is still the possibility to write new structures. But thanks for taking your time for my issue (: