Project Tundmatu


Hi @RapaGameZ
Congratulation. The game looks very very good indeed. Do you plan to release it on Steam or similiar?

I have one question. I believe this game tries to give a NES or SNES vibe to it, and I take it from the tilesets mostly, and because of the bosses. However, some of the mechanics, like the particle effects of the jetpack or the double jump, seems like a more “recent” game.
My question is: are you trying to create a “new style” by contrasting those things, or aiming at a more retro old style aesthetics itself?

Again, congratulations for this game!


Hi and thank you @schumpeter !

I don’t think I’m going to release this on steam. Itch and Gamejolt should be fine (and maybe mobile version if I’m going crazy).

Only thing I aim is that the game is made of pixel art. I just make what might look nice, like particle effects. Of course all my projects are highly influenced by snes and nes games, but right now I’m not thinking if the game is more modern or old school style. If I have to choose, I would choose a “new style”.

Now I’m drawing all sprites by myself, so game is not looking as good as I want to because I am not an artist. But maybe someday I can hire someone to remake my sprites :smiley: