Project Tundmatu


New Footage!

What do you think about the changes? :slight_smile:


Looking good, but with the new nice character other graphics are now somehow inconsistent, especially the ship (is not using the same shade palette and light/shadow levels) :slight_smile:


Thanks! Yeah, everything is work in progress and not final. For now I just try to make the game further and I don’t even try to make other sprites look better :slight_smile: Or I will if I get inspiration to do that, just like with player character :smiley:


Follow the game on gamejolt if you’re interested the game I’m making: FOLLOW!.png

There is only Devlog for now, but I’ll release the new demo version when the game is more complete :slight_smile:

Thank you!


[size=150]Try the new demo version of the game![/size]

Mysterious wormhole appears near to the earth
and people begin to disappear.
The adventurer of the galaxy is called for help to
solve the mystery of the wormhole and missing people.
And as always, everything doesn’t go as planned…

Move and aim: Arrow keys
Jump: Z
shoot: X
map: V
Activate: C
Weapon: A & S

Supports Xbox 360 controller



Gamejolt All-time analytics (almost 2 years):
Thanks everyone who has played the game and especially the one that support me with that 1$! The game is progressing slowly but surely! Last month, july was holiday from work so I did like everyone in holiday: Taking easy and not even thinking about work or anything like that, so I didn’t make any progress of making the game (couple of times I opened GDevelop but didn’t do much :unamused: ).
But now it’s time to start again :laughing:


2882 views in 2 years :confused:
And it is not even unique views right? Also count people go back to download and check progress…etc

Maybe you should do a bit more advertising and also release the game for Linux may even for HTML5 and GameJolt definitely not a nice platform for being discovered. I mean, at I’ve been getting that many views just in the past few months from people was searching at
My crappy Asteroids game been getting 700 views in the past few months alone and I didn’t even advertised and have been not featured on Youtube unlike your game :blush:

Honestly in my opinion is the best platform to share indie games. I also use it to support and purchase titles I’m interested in. Of course it did not replaced Steam just yet, but anything not available on Steam I get it from

This game is one of the most polished game ever made with GD, and also a pretty nice Metroid style platformer, would deserve more support and attention and on a better platform it would in my opinion. GameJolt sucks, evidence is right there :imp:


Now this is really funny.
When I saw Jubeliuksen3 screen shot with nearly 3000 views and over 800 downloads my jaw was dropping. I got a whopping 10 views and 0 downloads with my Sakawochi on release day and noone visited my game page ever after.
To me this is a fantastic number you posted up there. You really made me envious :wink:

Are you still using GD4? Would you be able to switch to GD5 with a reasonable effort? I too would really like to play Tundmatu on Linux.


That’s because your game runs in the browser, don’t forget about that :smiling_imp:

I did :cry:

In general you also want to make sure the labels and flags are relevant to make sure it come up in searches…


@ ddabrahim

I was in the front page about week or so when I released the game and I get most of the views then. September 22 (release day) - October 31 I get totally 1690 views and 2060 views end of the year so I get almost every view in that 3 months and 8 days :laughing: But after that the game was year or more little or not at all progressing. Now it gets little bit more views per day because the game is in the Gdevelop game showcase.
I don’t mind and stress those views right now, just because I haven’t advertise that game almost at all. Only devlogs and when I show something new and put it on youtube (Latest video of the game two months ago 59 views so you can see how useful that is :laughing: ) And recommend the game to let’s players in the gamejolt forums.
Active and aggressive advertising comes when game is more complete etc. Now this is enough “advertising” :slight_smile:

I believe that and Game is in the but I find it too… too… something :smiley: Maybe it is that I get used to Gamejolt and now it’s too hard to jump itch… I think I just should try to learn it.

Thanks for your kind words! Gamejolt might sucks, but I think my own behavior to not advertise the game is why the analytics looks how it look :smiley:


Hah thanks! :smiley: Don’t be envious, that’s 2 years views :smiley:
Yep still GD4. I’ll wait when GD5 supports tilemap object and other things that gd4 have. Maybe next release is playable on linux :slight_smile:


Hmmm, maybe I should continue working on my Astro game. Every single month I get 200+ views but there is nothing interesting about the game, just a simple asteroids remake. I honestly find it hard to believe Sakawochi and Tundmatu is not getting any page views at all but my asterodis remake does :confused:

One more thing I would like to mention about, at release day my projects are normally in the top results in their category and my Astro game was once also in the featured results for a week for no reason I can think of. Maybe it is just because of the theme, and logo (Star Trek inspired) but people do view the page frequently which honestly surprise me. I would think it is because it does come up in the search because of the way handle listings. I can’t think of anything else…

But even my tech demo Taurus Project do get 100+ views every month since release. Again, there is even less gameplay, technically it is not even a game, never meant to be but almost same story. It was in top results at release in it category then has been even featured at and I’m still getting many views even today… I must do something right if not the game, but to make it attractive with the screenshot, name, labels or something :laughing:

But I honestly believe the way search and featured listing works at (also popularity) got something to do with it. Maybe that too, I added gdevelop as a label, so anyone looking for a gdevelop game, do find my projects maybe that’s why.


Hah wtf, you really do something right :smiley:

I think people really search “GDevelop” in and that’s the reason (or explains most of the views you got). Because there are not so many who has used “gdevelop” in their label text. Me included, but I changed that today morning so let’s see what happens next :laughing:


Unless you have a paid version, I would also recommend to remove the Demo word from the name of the download file.
In my opinion, people less likely going to donate or download the game if it only a demo without an option to get the full game. In case you mean it in progress, call it Beta or Alpha instead. If you want to sell the full game, you can upload that too and set a different price on that file. You can even make it so at itch at least, people have access to the alpha for free, donation optional, but once the game is done, only those have access to the final game who has donated, it will be not free. So to motivate people to donate to support the development and also get the final game. You can also do devlogs, worth doing if you want to show that game is actively developed.

Also, I would add the tags, platformer, action, metroid, shoother, 2D, side-scroller and in general when you have a tag with 2 or more words you want to use - between them. So instead of Pixel Art, you want to do Pixel-Art because search engines like it better that way. I know you can select the category for platformer and shooter but from my experience because this is what I do, people just search for what they need and don’t bother using the categories.
2D platformer,
Side Scrolling Shooter

Also what I like the most about itch is that, once you have a project published, it can be found even from google so you really want to add as many tags and labels as you can to give it a chance to come up even if someone searching in google.
Add anything to the tags and labels that describing any aspect of your game.

Also the platforms the game runs on, Windows, Linux, HTML5, Android just so in case someone looking for a 2D Platformer runs on Windows can find it. Maybe it is not that relevant for Windows, it is granted for any game, but for Linux and other platforms might worth mention it in tags and labels if the game does run on that platform. In case you would switch to HTML5, you could target Windows, Linux and HTML5 with no effort. Unless you been using lights and functions, I see no reason not to make this game in HTML5 :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Thanks Ddabrahim such a long post! You mentioned good things that I haven’t thought too much.

Linux version will come. I just haven’t use Linux before, that’s why it never comes to my mind :smiley: HTML5 version will also come when GD5 is better for this game (tiled map object I’m waiting for you! And particle object, not sure if it is already there).


What’s Happening (Or Not Happening) Outside The Screen Of Project Tundmatu
In this video you can see what’s happening outside the screen and how the rooms works.
There are still things that I should fix but it’s ok for now.


Check out the latest devlog post on Gamejolt:
Or On

Don’t forget to like the game or devlog post!

Thanks! :slight_smile:


A long time since latest post, but maybe it is good to show here the latest updates of the remake:


Just jumping around and testing etc…


It looks awesome!

___ The boss battle looks nice, the progressively increasing difficulty is perfect.
___ Good powerup system!
___ I think the enemies should react more easily and aggressively to the character presence.
___ I can see you put a lot of effort into the map system. Is that map procedurally generated? What do you use to display the map in front of the current level screen?


Thanks @erdo !

Map is not procedurally generated. I use tweens to show/hide tablet sprite. Map and tablet sprite is on different layers, tablet front and map back. So basically layers are like:
Back = default layer where player is.
Middle=where map is.
Front=where tablet sprite is.