My first attempt at a city sim


Very low fi for all of the minimalists

I call it “Inner Demons: The 5-bit City Builder”

I based this game around the idea that people are a lot like grapes. If you have a good strong vine, plenty of water and light, good soil, you’ll get a bunch of sour grapes. But if you make them struggle a bit, you get a few really delicious grapes.

The simulation begins with a city on the edge of a ley line. You soak up the ley energy and transform it into fear, hunger, and loneliness, then just sit back and watch the side effects.

The highlight of this game is 5 really awesome tracks I found on freemusicarchive that are free for commercial use (don’t get confused, this is still a free project)

It’s currently been built for html, windows, and linux. I’ll get a version up for android as soon as my build limit expires.

I uploaded it to gdevelop if anyone wants to try

You can also download it on

And here’s some delicious low fi pics to get your imagination going:




I don’t know how much more I’ll do to this - depends largely on user feedback. I wouldn’t mind making some minor changes to the growth rates, or fine tuning the controls, but beyond that I want to keep it as simple as possible. One thing I might be likely to do is put in some more tunes and make it a nice free music showcase.