Mouse Pointer Lock Extension (マウスカーソル固定拡張機能)


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This behavior removes the limit on the distance the mouse can move and hides the cursor.

For example, a user can rotate or continue to manipulate an object by moving the mouse endlessly.

Without the pointer lock, the rotation or operation will stop the moment the pointer reaches the edge of the browser or screen.

Game players don’t have to worry about leaving the gameplay area or accidentally clicking on another application that moves the mouse focus away from the game.

Locking the pointer locks MouseX() and MouseY().
Use MovementX() and MovementY() instead.

Extension file



This extension uses the Pointer Lock API.



これは 3D ゲームでの視点移動などでよく利用される機能ですが、2D でも利用したかったので作りました。

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↓条件とかアクションは「Mouse Pointer Lock」内にあります。



Finally something to make a proper RTS camera