Integration of Yandex Games SDK


Brand new integration of Yandex Games SDK to Gdevelop -

With this integration you can publish your games to Yandex Games portal.

Big thanks to author of integration.


Cool you can submit your extension to the community !



Hi, thanks for giving us an extension. But, can you explain what the extension does and helps in. As the Github page does not give us much detail. Sorry if it is very obvious.But I can’t understand. It might be useful for some of us. Thanks


It’s like fuctions for Facebook Instant games, but for Yandex Games portal (Yandex is like Google for Russian).
You don’t need to mess with html or js code and can easily integrate their SDK and ads to your game.

I’m not author of this integration, so I cannot submit it.


Basically, you know how discord or even an sms app have a little pop up on your phone when you get a message. This extension would enable people to make pop ups with there games.

I hope that explanation helped

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