Hyperspace Dogfights [Alpha] [Itch.io]


Looks awesome :mrgreen:


Thanks. I’d still love to get my hands on a Linux version of the new GDev build so I can edit this without the memory leaks in the editor. :smiley: The particle system also bugs out on some graphics, I’ve heard that has been fixed too.


It looks pretty good (y)


Thanks. :slight_smile:

Two more bosses completed this week.


Very great envy of your skill all the graphics do with some special tools?


Thanks, all done with gimp.

Last regular boss is done.

Started to work on the final encounter.


Alpha 0.802 (Gamma) is here.
8 new bosses, 7 new music tracks, 1 new endgame zone, lots of tweeks and fixes.


Working on new wave objectives for Alpha 0.85.
Recon missions require you to stay in changing areas to complete scans.


Alpha 0.851 is out, featuring new wave objectives, jet weapons and some UI tweaks.


Where is the demo version for your game?
I can’t find it but you mention it in the description to try before purchase :confused:


Oops, that was an outdated line (fixed now), the demo isn’t available any more.


Oh I see. So instead allow people to test, you list the specs of a VR ready gaming PC as requirements :smiling_imp:
I was just wondering if the game runs so bad or you didn’t bothered to measure how much memory, cpu and gpu the game is using. Listing that high requirements not very attractive and the price… on a good day you can get AAA titles for that amount of money :stuck_out_tongue:


Kinda both. I haven’t done proper benchmarking on the game yet and some parts are still not well optimized, so I just used the specs of the Laptop I can run it ok on. I don’t have the time to maintain a demo right now, but I might bring that back at some point. Price is in line with comparable titles, so I think that is all good.


The game now supports multiple player jets, selectable on the title screen.


On th 14th of May Hyperspace Dogfights will launch on Steam!

[full launch trailer]


New article about Hyperspace Dogfights on gamingonlinux.com:
Would be cool if you could send liamdawe from gamingonlinux a sales overview distributed by percentage of copies sold per operating system after launch.
I suppose the linux part will be quite high. :laughing:


Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Middle of this month cannot come fast enough!! Your game is the main reason I gave GDevelop a chance :smiley:. Now hoping my crappy lappy can play it haha.

What are the limitations of GDevelop?

:slight_smile: !!



I know, I checked when I woke up this morning! :smiley: