How do you make a text swing


I want to make the text swing so i use angle and rotation but don’t know how.
Can someone help me make it?


If you want to experiment with text effects… try giving the text a Tween behavior and then experiment with the different types of tweens… (i think what you mean by “text swing” is text motion?)


I mean how do you use tween?



and also one question how do you make it spin?


for example… choose your text object, then choose rotate, then type the speed

this is what it looks like in the events…


Thanks you so much :grin:


When you write swing, I imagine it swinging like a pendulum. If that’s the case, you could apply a physics 2.0 behaviour to it, and use a pin joint along with a force to oscilate it back and forth.


Ok, BTW i was using this because i am making a fan-made Danganronpa