Help creating "tight" platformer with Physics2.0


As a part of research for my ninja rope platformer, I am investigating viability of using Physics2.0 for platforming.

I am trying to make the controls feel similar to original Super Mario Bros, however, all my attempts end in the controls feeling either too floaty or too heavy. I am just feeling lost with the amount of variables to setup for the object and world.

I think one of my issues might be the resolution I am working on (320x240 in this case), maybe Physics2.0/Box2D is not great choice for such resolution?

Anyway, I am asking the community for help. Here’s my current experiment, what values I should use for the world and player to make this feel more tight?

(also, if anyone made a platformer with physics in GD (any version) I would love to take a peek).

Thanks in advance.