Finally said hello

Hello everyone!

Quite late and impolite, on my part, not to introduce myself in this thread (as is customary). I am correcting my mistake.

More than a year ago I got acquainted with the GDevelop engine and then made 2 extensions for it: [ Swipe Detector and Aspect Ratio. Then there was a break and in the spring, thanks to this engine, I participated in my first GameJam. Since then, I have also participated in competitions (but since I like to experiment and learn new things, I did it on different engines). But GDevelop helped me take this first step (I thought jams were something incredibly difficult) and I am grateful for that to its creators and the community that develops, supports and helps.

Now I have returned to it, and I hope to make a finished game. =)


Welcome. Iā€™m happy for your name. I am also on the same target.

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