Error installing it in linux


I recently figured out how to get linux working on my laptop. But I tried installing Gdevelop and in the terminal it said chmod: cannot access 'GDevelop*.AppImage': No such file or directory Even though I had the file and it was connected to linux. Idk why this is happening, and no, it’s not because I have a 32-bit and am trying to get a 64-bit program because I checked and I have a 64-bit. Help pls.


This doesn’t seem to be a problem of GDevelop but more a problem with your linux system. Maybe a permissions problem. If linux doesn’t find the file, we can’t help much. :upside_down_face:
Try copying the file to your desktop or your documents folder first.


Try right clicking on your AppImage, select “Properties”, then click on “Permissions” in the properties window, check “Allow existing file as program”, close the properties window, and try running it.