COGO Adventure World - Platformer Project - Showcase and Workflow - Working progress


The project I’ve been working on for a while. I’ve prepared five chapters so far. My goal is a project that consists of 10 parts for now. I wanted to present the game video. The project is preparing for Android but was played by playing on the computer.

Video has been a problem in the sound, but there is no problem in the game.

Good luck with.


Cool graphics !
Awesome little dust effect :slight_smile:
I hope i can try it soon on mobile


Thank you so much. I hope we all try together. :slight_smile:


Cute game, nice work!


Thank you very much. :slight_smile:


New COGO level designs.
Contains small puzzles and tasks I’ll continue updating, designing and programming the next sections.


Several images from the working phases. :slight_smile:
I usually draw with the help of vector programs. I use Photoshop for effects and many other things. If I need 3D animation or if I have to think in 3D, I use 3dmax. Good luck.


wow! Looks cool…is it for android?



any release date? I wanna play !


Think 10 episodes. I hope it’s played soon. :slight_smile:


New Update ! - Last Scene Walk

A total of 10 parts. It will improve children’s reflexes. I’m developing an adventure game that adults can enjoy. I hope we can make and share more beautiful projects. I wanted to share a section in the 7th and 8th section designs. I wish you good work.


The graphics are cool! I like how you manipulate the lightning on Level 09. :grin:


All graphic draw with graphic programs.
I’m so glad you like it. :grinning:


Congrats! Very nice work :+1:


Thank you very much.


Level 10 test gameplay.