Card Game App GÖRTAN UPDATE (Hotfixed)! / PreAlpha Testbuild V0.050 is here!


Hotfix is coming tomorrow. P2 fireball does not deal dmg to hero.


Hotfix is up. If anyone finds anything that might be a bug, please report.
The new selection system is implemented, and i did not encounter the Handcards overlapping Bug anymore (seems fixed). E: Nope that freaking bug is still a thing, AARGH.
For some reason i cannot reliably reproduce that bug, which is why its so annoying to fix (im just not sure what happens exactly).
Charge attack seems working 100% as intended now.

Plans for the next update:
More bugfixing,
Particle Effects instead of Animations for spells.
Redesign the sound for magic stat increase, and a sound for mage unit attacks (same soundeffect as shooter atm). Also improve the sound of Firebolt. hopefully a Theme song for the Undead Faction (The music atm belongs to the Sylvian Faction)
Ability and Type icons for the cards. Eventually text overlay when a card is inspected.
Hero Ability, other than draw and increase stats.
Spells that kill creatures (2, 1 at the end of turn, and 1 instant kill).
AOE dmg spells.
Creatures with magic resist/immunity and Physical resistance (ghosts/Rock thingys), halfing the dmg rounded down of Magical or physical spells/attacks. 1Magic resist and 1 physical resist creature is implemented already.
Deckcounters (displaying how many cards in the deck is left), and also deactivate Glow of decks, when 0 cards in it (that seems to confuse alot of people atm).

I updated the Opening Post with a Windows version too, if somebody prefers to play it on PC. Keep in mind, this game is specifically made for Phones, so it is pretty small on PC.

Oh boy oh boy, i just cannot get over it yet, how absolutely awesome particle effects look.
I have the transition from animation to particle effects done, and tested it on phone.
Its freaking brilliant :heart_eyes:


so i just played a couple of hours, and did not encounter any bugs (except with the return button, which will be gone soon anyway). My hope, that i dont have any major bugs left is high. The Fireball is now epic looking, fully integrated and likely bugfree.
so its time to add some new stuff!

Yey, my first selfmade particle effect:


So i am fairly convinced by now, that i managed to get rid of all the bugs!

And i need some advice here:
when i was working with my particle effect system, i found it looked a little silly when the effects affect the whole board, including the Hands (like its flat part of the board, that the player lay ther hand on the table).
So i tried to put the Hands on top of the Board, unaffected by Particle effects, which looks better, but also has another issue.
The board is now 200px high and the effects make me realize how small the board actually is. when the Particles affect the whole screen, its not that noticeable.

Here a comparison:

So what do you guys think? What is better?

  • Hand affected by Particle
  • Hand not affected by Particle

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I’d say it depends. The first one look better with hand but the second looks better without the hand.


Still no more encounters with any bugs.
I managed to improve the overall Performance by a good chunk, by getting rid of redundant conditions, with a tradeoff of readability. :slight_smile:

I was also able to improve the response time for my overloaded “Touch Actions” by releaving it with a “Handjob” :smirk:

Next version will come up soon!

New effect:

Poisoned creatures loose Health equal to their poison counters at the end of each turn.