Can you disable individual commands?


You can toggle diabled for an entire block of conditions and actions, but it seems like I cant disable one or two actions and keep the rest. That’s annoying/limiting because what if I want to try to modify that section, but want to keep what I used to have as a reference (and possible backtrack point!)

Currently, I can’t even keep those actions to look at because it’s all or nothing with them.

Can we somehow strike out just a line of actions, a single command, etc, while keeping the rest of the block?


hi, you can’t, but with some tricks you can.
Make a subevent of the event mobe there anything you want to disable and toggle disable this sub event is the closest to what you want i could go


Yeah, you can put all the stuff you want to disable on a separate block above or below where you’re working, so you can refer back to it as needed. It would be nice to have the ability to disable individual events though.


That’s what I’ve done, but its usually adds way too much complication to keep track of in my head.

Like if I want to change a line on several strings of code, i have to make a comment to say what im doing, copy the whole 4 blocks involved, cross them all out, copy those 4 blocks, delete stuff, add the new stuff. And it takes so much screen space its basically impossible to work with it this way.

hopefully the developers will add this super simple addition


it would be a good addittion i think there is someplace im the forum to ask for enhacements
I don’t know if it would be easy to implement @Bouh?


I don’t know
I will ask, this interest me too ! :slight_smile:


When the block starts getting too big or I have more than one, I put them in a group and collapse it unless I need it. And yeah, I find myself making ‘notes to self’ too. Clunky way of doing it, but it’s all we’ve got for now.


Right, we can do that when we just want to economize space, but it doesn’t help when we need our original as a reference still because we’re working on stuff… :slight_smile:


That’s why I said “unless I need it” :wink: Then I have it expanded. Still, I was just sharing how I work around this issue, didn’t say it was the best way or that it should remain as it is…


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