"Braid" time travel mechanic | GDevelop 5 tutorial



That’s exactly for making this kind of things easier to do that I wanted to add functions to dump important properties (animation informations, angle, position, variables, etc) and set it back.

I think it would be better to do it as a behavior. The maximum array length could be set through the behavior properties. Then the replay function also sets a variable “__animate” to tell a doPostEvents (or whatever it is called) to not animate if it was called. At the end of that last function it would reset this variable for the next frame. Then the user would only need to disable/enable the behavior to stop/restart recording


Thanks for the feedback!

That’s a good point, it could very well be a behaviour.


Really cool it’s simple to do, nice use of functions and JS event :slight_smile:


I will use your example for my extension arrays.
Instead JS event i think i will be able to simplify this in actions :slight_smile:


Sounds exciting! Looking forward to seeing it!


Thank you for sharing the tutorial, it’s awesome!

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