Black screen on cheap mobiles


I have this problem to report.
I export the game for Android and usually I install it on Samsung, Huawei phones…. The game runs normally.
When, on the other hand, I go to test the game on more eonomic phones (for example taken from the Chinese market), the games in “horizontal” work normally, while those in “vertical” do not work, that is: the screen is all black, but the phone is not locked, that is, the phone icons work, but the game is not seen. It’s all black.
Below I post the screen of the characteristics of one of the phones in question and the settings of my game on gdevelop



Can you also share how the games should look like and how it looks on the cheap mobile, like a screenshot


Maybe cheap Chinese phones use some trick to upscale the resolution, and this messes with the game. Hard to say…
Can you confirm if the issue is the same with the example projects? Platformer is landscape, geometry monster is portrait.


I will test the sample projects on Thursday (the “Chinese” cell phone is in the office). However, I confirm that the projects made by me (two platfomr that run in “landscape”) work normally, while the three projects that run in “portrait”, on the other hand, only show a black background. On Thursday I will test the sample projects and tell you.


this, for example, is not a game, but an accounting app made with GDevelop, very simple, yet the screen is still black. (obviously only on the “Chinese” mobile phone because on other devices: Sansung, Huawei, Acer, etc. … it works well)


ok, I’ll do it on Thursday


I had the sample game “Geometry Monster” compiled in Android and installed it both on my Samsung and on two “Chinese” devices (the last time mobile phone and a tablet), the result is the same: on the Samsung it runs normally, as you can see from the screeshot, while on the “Chinese” only a black screen, as you can see from the screenshot. The “Chinese” devices do not lock, in fact the mobile responds to commands, but the game screen is black.
This problem is only for games that run in “portrait” (ie vertically), while those that run in “landscape” (ie “horizontally”) work normally.


No idea what the problem is. Maybe try to change the setting in the properties “Change width to fit screen or window size” to “Change height to fit screen or window size”. And also maybe try to remote preview to the mobiles and see if it works. As I said, no sure about it as I have no idea what the issue might be.