Adding pauses in between scenes


I’m new to Gdev and am making a small platformer to start off.
Using timers is giving me trouble. I have 3 scenes currently, an intro, a level and an end. I would just like a short pause inbetween scenes. Is this possible? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


If by a pause, you mean a black screen, add a black rectangle to any of the scenes and show it either at the end or the beginning.
The best is to add it to both, with opacity change to fade out and fade in.


Yes that would work. Doing the fade in and out would be perfect, but using the timer is tripping me up.
I’ll give it a go. I was also thinking if I could create a black scene that played between levels that plays for 1 or 2 seconds would give me something close too, but using the timer is whats tripping me up.


If you do it with the black scene, you just have to use that in it.
“Value of a scene timer” condition

Or something like this for a fade effect.


Yes, the PauseTimer worked. Now I have to try the fade in/out.
Thanks to both of you. Appreciate it.