[WIP] - Squaremojis - A Physics Based Platformer Madness :)


Hi Guys, in the past few days I was working on a new tutorial for GDevelop about Physics Engine, and I must say I was very impressed with it and so I thought that I would create a small level showing what you can do with it, but then I liked it so much that slowly I understood that I want to bring this thing forward as an actual full game.

And so I have decided to pause my current project and dedicate my free time and resources to this new idea.

Squaremoji will be a very challenging physics-based platformer, where you will need to be able to get from one platform to another usign special skills in a very challenging physics-based environment.

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Thanks for Watching :slight_smile:

Project - The Mighty Rune [On Hold]

Some progress, I have replaced placeholder assets, added some dust when you smash platforms and animated the characters



Hey guys, just uploaded my first Squaremoji Devlog video where i talk a bit about my new game and about how i did some things for it in gdevelop.