Why so... cruel? Construct VS GDevelop


Hello. Today I read a topic whose link is at the top. Yes, this topic is outdated, but I was interested. After reading the topic I was hurt. Do you know why? But why: I certainly understand that people choose Construct 2 themselves, but they still do not know that this engine has the most important disadvantage… Construct 2 has 2 licenses - this is Personal and Business licenses. The price of the Personal license is $199.99, the price of the Business license is $499.99. But these prices are very high! To buy one of these you need to be a fan of Construct 2. I, having first learned about these licenses, decided to just take and throw Construct 2. This was the main disadvantage of Construct 2. Price is not always an indicator of the quality of a product or program.

Participants in the topic, which was discussed above, said that it is better to choose Construct 2, rather than GDevelop, which, as you know, is absolutely FREE! At the time when the topic began to exist, GDevelop was still developing, and people said that Construct 2 is better (sorry for repetitions). It looked to me… so cruel to GDevelop…


This is a very old topic, it’s not relevant anymore and GDevelop was less powerful at the time. Quality improved a lot since then.

At the end, everyone is of course free to use whatever is the best for them - the important is to know about alternative and try them :slight_smile:


I hope Gdevelop will beat construct :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Yey someone liked my reply


Yes, you’re right! I think so too!