Why GDevelops 5's UI is bad?


Why GDevelop 5’s UI is bad?
It’s very hard to pick up the engine and understand it fast.
It doesn’t look friendly for new users, and it’s kind of hard to know where is the button you want to click, is it only me? As Construct 2 user.


Can you be more specific?
What’s wrong, give details, developers are open to improvements;)


It’s kind of hard to understand it.
I would like to see UI that’s friendly like you can understand and know why you’re in this tab for example. or etc.


I don’t understand what you say


I dont feel this hard at all! This is the easiest and friendliest UI I have ever seen!
I looked at few examples and YT tutorials and I was well known to UI in just an hour


All feedbacks are welcome but please give yourself a bit of time to get used to the software before writing here :slight_smile: We also need more constructive feedback. Most users do like the interface - you are surely used to Construct 2 but after a few hours of using GDevelop you’ll be better as using it.



I’ve found this software easier to use than Stencyl and a couple others I played with before coming across GD. I mean, yeah, there’s some things on everyone’s wish-list of improvements and a bit of a learning curve, but you’ll get the hang of it.

A mistake that I make sometimes is over-thinking certain things, which leads to complications and the solution ends up being so simple that a monkey probably could have figured it out :woman_facepalming: :blush: :sweat_smile:


In Construct you get a tip when you hover the mouse over something or select a property explaining what this is. Probably this is what the OP was talking about when compared to Construct 2. Of course you might say everything is explained on the wiki, but for a complete beginner it can be useful to get some explanation right in the editor, not to mention in-ide? tutorials. Not sure how they called, but the idea is to start a tutorial in the IDE and basically the IDE hold your hands and mark everything you need to click to put together a game step by step and also explaining what is that you do now. Bascially an interactive tutorial in the IDE. I also consider this very useful for complete beginners.


You’re referring to tooltips and the second thing is a “in app tour”, which can be a good way to do a step by step tutorial yeah :slight_smile:

I’ve at least added something about tooltip in the roadmap cards: https://trello.com/c/wEibQDPm/340-add-tooltips-to-most-buttons-in-the-ide
If someone want to give a try, even without a lot of JavaScript knowledge it should be fairly easy to add.


I love the idea app tour is very cool


I have recently joined this forum as i agree with you StarlKYT. I have used other game engines and, for me, Gdevelops UI is really ugly. I suppose everyone has different opinions and yes, Construct is way prettier. I would like to add, that It is a very accomplished software and as a newbie to game development, I just think a polished UI would be more pleasing to the eyeballs…


Concerning GDevelop I use it only with the dark theme. The contrasts are better, because on the light theme, grey texts on the white background are not very visible.

It’s funny but I who have always known GDevelop and who have never build a game with Construct when I see it its scares me and I don’t understand at first glance how it works. I think it’s a matter of taking time.

UI is “Material design” (search it on google) is this new design that makes it difficult for you to find a button?


Let’s please keep the discussion constructive. Explain the details and example of what you don’t like and keep an open mind to differences. We can’t improve if you don’t give specific examples :slight_smile: