Why aren't my sprites importing/previewing correctly? [Solved]


I downloaded this kenney asset pack: https://kenney.nl/assets/simplified-platformer-pack

And when I try to add this sprite it looks like this in the preview window:

But the sprite looks like this in the folder/pack I downloaded:


I’m also wondering how I can import sprite sheets like this one and just use each “piece” in the sheet:

Thanks guys.


Oh, never mind the first part. I figured it out. After importing the sprite, I use the folder icon within piskel editor and select it again from there using the import tool and somehow this fixes the issue.

I was also able to import the sprite sheet this way, but it imports it as one image. There must be a better method for importing sprite sheets, right?

This is the import tool I’m talking about:


Hmmm… I’m getting the same problem again, despite using the same method. Is it a bug?


Don’t use piskel for that :slight_smile:
Copy images in your game folder. Then choose them from GDevelop. You’re done :slight_smile:


Thanks man! That did the trick. :+1: