Which color palette should I use? (IYO)


Hi, i’m trying to achieve a neutral feeling atmosphere, and I’m kinda stuck which color palette between the two should I use. Any opinion is valuable. Thank you!

Light Dark


Are nice both but i like the first! The second can be good also but just a little bit more brighter in my opnion.


I think the neutral feeling depends on the type of game. Despite that, I can tell the first is very unsettling and makes me feel like I’m going to fight something, looks pretty nice.

The second one is too dark, make it brighter. I think a blue/purple tone fits well with the night. The purpleish it is, the more unsettling it feels, blue is a more comfy/cold color.



The first looks good :slight_smile:


I highly appreciate your feedback, the construction and everything. Yeah, now that I’ve observe it well, it really is too dark. I think i’m gonna apply the blue/purple color, and see if it matches the atmosphere. Anyways thank you so much!

p.s : gonna post a new landscape again based on the new color selected.


The first one is cool, I can’t say if it’s dawn or dusk, if it’s a swamp or a desert, and I like that.
The second one is more graveyardy, I expect dark red-eyed evil shadows.


Use both! The two of them are based on an unique hue scale (one is blue-ish and the other is red-ish). so you can perfectly do all your sprite in grayscale and then dynamically change its hue with the Global color action in GD. You can even slowly change all the scene from one hue to another. That would be awesome.


Yeah that is really awesome, not only awesome but will also save a ton of work from recoloring in the editing software. Thank you so much for the feedback!