What are you listening to?


Just post what song you’re listening to now or the last one you heard.

My Nightwish play list, that’s quite a few songs in a row. :wink:
But the last one was Ghost Love Score.


I was listening this song


The last one I heard is colorblind from PandaEyes when I was playing geometry dash


I listen to either J-Pop or Rock, but for coding-related stuff it’s usually lo-fi and chillhop.
The last one was Cap Kendrick - “It’s a Vibe” from Chillhop Essentials Summer 2019.
Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5uz7egB9tA&t=2297s


The Cure, Burn (from The Crow soundtrack)


A nice calming melody by these gentleman is usually how I start a session


:joy: Sounds energizing.

Do you like Arch Enemy?

Edit: Guess not


When I’m really extremely focused on coding I often listen to some random 10 hours of melodic dubstep playlists


My son likes dubstep :slight_smile:

And now, one of my favorite covers…


Changing it up a little with an alternative Irish folk rock band.


Uh-h-h… It’s complicated… Please don’t laught, but… Sometimes I love listen to remixes and original music tracks from the games “Megaman Zero”, “Megaman ZX”, “Megaman ZX Advent”, “Freedom Planet”, from OpenGameArt.org, in the genres of “lo-fi”, “rock” (not heavy metal), “ambient”, calm and retro music


I sometimes listen to game soundtracks when working on my project. Few favs are the original Secret of Mana soundtrack (for the nostalgia), the Witcher 3 soundtrack (never played it though), and morrowind soundtrack


@convictedweirdo, I thought that I was the only one on this forum listening tracks and remixes of music tracks from games. I also like to listen to music from the opening of the anime “Evangelion” despite the fact that I only partially watched the anime - only AMV, parodies and individual moments. Sounds weird, but it’s a fact


You’re never really alone, no matter what you like/dislike or what you’re going through.

I can’t think of any tracks or remixes that I listen to from games, at least not regularly, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it or that you’re a complete weirdo lol.

Even if what you like is different from what most people like, who cares? Maybe some people do look down their noses at “different” and can’t appreciate the fact that life would be very boring if we were all exactly the same. You do you. :slight_smile:

More people should post some vid links or actual songs that they’re listening to though, as per the original post - regardless of genre. I would hope that everyone can feel comfortable enough to share their music without worrying about being judged for it, whether it is heavy metal, EDM, or game music. If you like it, awesome. If you don’t, you’re not forced to listen.

But maybe we can all discover a band or type of music that we’ve never heard before too.

I put this under Open Topic so we can feel free to share music whether it has to do with game development or not. Just want to make that clear because it seems like there’s a lot of 'when I code, I listen to…" It’s interesting, but the original question was more in general, not limited to the world of games and dev.

And so…time for another music video. This is not heavy metal, btw.





I’ve found this group recently: CATNAPP


For something different, I’ve been smashing some Mongolian Folk Rock. Highly recommend the album The Gereg by The Hu


From a white hair man: