What about this effect?



@arthuro555 will cause any lag later in the game?


depends on how it is done I guess


The game deletes all the sprite after animation.


I don’t think it will cause impact if you really delete the object at the end.


I like the music when he die


*sound not music

(sorry I know I am a bit perfectionist sometimes)


Haha lol …Hey! you did’t answered my last question


What do you think about my game @Gruk?


The character is a bit stiff but that dash effect is really cool.


How can I fix my character then :worried:?


Why is it stiff? I think it’s because the arms and legs don’t move much.


Ok, I think I need to recreate all the animations


I like your GUI and menu system. I working to add both to game right now. Any chance you could post your event sheet for the menu?


Of course. I’ll make a post about my menu later.


Okay, thank you for that.