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Function parameters are parameters, not scene variables :wink: You must get them using GetArgumentAsNumber(“yourParameterName”) or GetArgumentAsString(“yourParameterName”)

You can find them in the “Functions” category in the expression selector:

So seems like we would need:

  • To have a better visual separation between functions and behavior functions.
  • To make it more explicit that parameters are not scene variables. Maybe a dismissable Alert telling that String/Number parameters can be used inside events with GetArgumentAsNumber/GetArgumentAsString?
  • At least, we should add this to the wiki because I don’t think there is a page explaining GetArgumentAsNumber/GetArgumentAsString


Yes you’re right, I think there must be a tip like

use this parameter with GetArgumentAs<TypeOfParameter>(ParameterName)
i.e.: GetArgumentAsNumber(myParameterName)

Or at least a documentation page, I’ll do it for you if you like the idea


Did it dude!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The result is pretty crazy! Check it out @ https://www.loom.com/share/b7e1d5909bac4581b118813abb83f285


Looking super great! Really nice and make the game look more dynamic and polished, well done :slight_smile:
If you’re willing to, feel free to export the extension to a file and submit it to GDevelop-extensions (all the details are on this help page).

I’ll be happy to make this part of the library of extensions :slight_smile:

Sure feel free to start one and I’ll move it if needed :slight_smile:
You can create an account on the wiki and add it here: http://wiki.compilgames.net/doku.php/gdevelop5/behaviors/events-based-behaviors/use-functions-parameters

We’ll add a link to it in: http://wiki.compilgames.net/doku.php/gdevelop5/behaviors/events-based-behaviors. A few guidelines worth reading for the wiki: http://wiki.compilgames.net/doku.php/gdevelop5/community/contribute-to-the-wiki


Thanks a lot! I’ve already added the issue on Github here.

I’ll proceed with the wiki page, I’ll contact you when I’m done, do you prefer via Blog or Discord?


Feel free to send me a PM on this forum :slight_smile: