Very early alpha stage


Thank also in the extension submission I ask him I’m waiting now it’s important to solve this before the extension go live


Yes, or as the joke says “The way to solve a programming bug is, documment it well, and turn it into a feature”. It is a joke, of course


Oops, I forgot to test your game. However, I did update and submit the Dungeon Generator to be reviewed.

I’ll search on Github for your game and see if can get it figured out today.


Hi thanks I think is because of the 25% of the rooms and the Paint is set to 64 instead of 8 but even doing those changes the dungeons go crazy.


I did it!!! Thanks so much for testing this and letting me know.

I will publish an updated version of the extension that automatically resizes all objects so you don’t have to (although they make look funny, the dungeon will be built correctly).


Updated version is posted here:


@UlisesFreitas can you write on that Github issue if you get a chance to test the new version? Thanks!


Sure I’ll check it out today and let you know how is going.
Ok so I check this again keeps failling or I forgot something or I’m stupid. That beign said, it doesn’t work as pretended.
Every involved object is 8x8 I disabled some events

The project:


Crazy idea. I always used playing areas that are even multiples of the individual grid element. If my graphic was 64 * 64, the play area was 640*640, or so.
I am not sure if the code is now ready to handle play areas that aren’t even multiples.

@tristanrhodes It is possible that the problem is the un even division of the play area with the grid elements?


Well my play area is 320x192 which is multiple of 8 but not square I will try this since I’ve tried everything and I can not get this working.


Then I am not sure what is happening. My code wasn’t so elaborated


I will download and test your project tonight.


I found the problems! I think they were caused by resizing a larger sprite. The origin on the hallway object was 64,64 for some reason. Also, the ship kept its old collision mask and it needs the top-down movement speeds lowered.