Update On My First Game


its a top down zombie shooter. Much of the challenge comes from being really outnumbered (there’s over 100 enemies in level one) and the zombies being fast enough to keep up with you. Since there’s a lot of enemies, there’s also a lot of lag and freezing, so I gotta work on that. But I gotta say, I’m satisfied with what it’s becoming because I’m finally starting to develop a game and finish it.


Actually finishing a game is key. You can always make modifications as you get feedback, but just creating something for people to play is a huge accomplishment. I’ll look forward to seeing it! :slight_smile:


I don’t think 100 enemies is a problem, maybe you have to optimize your code. Someone did some tests and gdevelop supports a lot of charge, anyways also the computer power is also a variable in the equation


It can handle Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas well. Also Overwatch runs fine to. I lowered the enemy count to 30 but made them stronger and spread them out so that it’s more challenging to avoid being hit by them.