Unsaved changes


Now that there is an autosave feature, does it still make sense to display the annoying “unsaved changes will be lost” pop-up? (annoying because it pops up even if you saved)


Agree that it’s not ideal. The best thing would be to detect any change and only ask at this moment. Still not sure if it’s a good idea to remove it, because it acts as a protection if you misclick on the button to close the application/or pressed Ctrl+Q instead of Ctrl+A (or another shortcut) in a text field.


I suggest replacing the popup with auto-save with a timer. That is, the user must set the timer so that the changes are saved after a certain period of time, for example after 5 minutes


Ctrl+Q? Is that an Apple shortcut? Quit is Alt+F4 on Windows.
Isn’t the current autosave based on a timer?
Yes detecting changes would be great. Another option would be to autosave after each change (building a change history instead of rewriting a whole json to avoid performance issues?). The “more recent autosave” popup at loading is really handy.


Sounds very good! It’s really not bad idea


This is already in roadmaps I guess, I’ve already talked about this improvement somewhere :thinking: