Unable to perform condition on my timer!


i m making game where you have to complete tasks in 3 secs, when over 3 sec, scene changes and it says you loose!!! what i might be doing wrong here kindly help me out, the timer keep going over 3 sec.

Time and Sec are two global variables


Where is the scene variable Time assigned?
If is not assigned anywhere by default is 0


Variable is “Time”, it is global , sorry what else i hv to do


Your two global variables are empty.
Check the “Time” timer like in your Sec condition and not the “Time” variable.


Here’s another version which should work for what you need it i think


thanks jack ,it worked!!! thanks a lot,this community is really help ful


This is interesting but my previous condition worked !!! and it is very simple

i m taking screen shot of your solution , i will use it brilliant logic