Two-player minigames - Minifun


Hi folks!
Here’s my doomed-to-failure gaming project, first game ever, done with GD5 which I started using a few weeks ago:

It started as a single minigame, then two, then four, and little by little, I’m adding new features, options, games… and well, I’m getting proud of it :relaxed:
The game now boasts 9 minigames, a global score system and three languages.
It’s still a work in progress, it needs proper artwork and more sounds, and a lot more testing to refine the game mechanics.

To try it, you’ll need a smartphone and a good friend (that bit is more tricky and the reason why I say the project is doomed to failure :sweat_smile:)

Feedback is very welcome!


hi, look nice, I have the same problem started for my kid, now published on google play and always improving jajaja
Maybe it’s because I use opera explorer on linux but the frist and last minigames get a black screen :frowning:


Thanks for testing, xisco!
I don’t see it as a problem at all: the more I know about GD, the better my game gets :blush: And the better I try to make it, the more I learn about GD! :smile:
Regarding the black screen issue, I’m suspecting the black fade animation that I placed in all scenes.
I just changed the trigger, feel free to try again.


solved!!. Maybe you can do the players to crach each other and bounce back :sunglasses:


For which game? I did that for Fulkan only.


For the first one: Fuuta, football


Yes, I wonder if I should.
For now, I don’t have anybody to test the games with, so it’s hard to figure out the best game mechanics.


maybe we should create a group to test each other games LOL


@xisco Well, if you have someone to test it with, feel free :innocent:

I’ve updated my game with more languages, new controls, sounds and more. :blush:


Hi folks!
The game has been released today on the Play Store under the name Jukade.
There are a few minor bugs left, which hopefully will be fixed soon, but the game should be fully playable.
The game is available in six languages and boasts 9 minigames (and some more!).

Feedback and advice are welcome, as it is my first game release ever.