Tutorial about Cordova


After Step 4 This happen…can you help?


try android and not Android


I was following official tutorial and this happen…what should I do?


You don’t have the android sdk installed


You mean android studio?
Oh! and this happen when I followed “muyinz” tutorial


No, android sdk. When you have android studio it can install it for you but you don’t have it. It says it can’t find it.


So what should I do now I have downloaded android studio


Open it and there should be a dialogue for installing the sdk


After installing Android studio


Please read the output. You need to install java 8.


After installing JDK 8… Just tell me what to do now…


Well, if I can’t find javac you probably didn’t install Java correctly. Did you set the JAVAHOME env variable and added the bin dir to the path? Did you install Java SE instead of JDK?


I have installed this





Gradle is a system to manage the libraries (understand precoded functions collections shared by their programmer) and a build system for java, aka it automaticly download/updates the libraries and include them in your code before compiling it automatically for you. Install it with the Gradle wrapper from the Gradle website.


Now this ! :sob::sob::sob:


Open the sdk manager and install what the console tells you to install from it


I don’t have SDK manager (is this important to download?)…um…Can you help me by giving me the list of what things I need to install to make the manual export of my game? I will reinstall everything from start.


Hey I found a solution here…But I DON’T KNOW HOW TO Apply this


It is part of the android sdk