Try it Online? Why not use it online?


I don’t understand why there is a clear demonstration of this softwares capability to run in a browser that is hobbled with no way to save. Why do I need to download a program? This is frustrating because I have an use for this in teaching kids on chromebook already provided by the county school system.
I was hoping GDevelop would be a reasonable open source alternative to Construct. I guess it is for some people. As it is, I will get farther using the ‘free’ crippleware of Construct than the pointlessly crippled online of GDevelop. Is it possible to fork the project and turn save back on? Probably not since it is likely depends on something like browserfy and can’t do io without integration with gdrive or something else…
As it stands, Phaser appears to be my only option, which is a shame as that cuts out any kids not yet ready to code.


GDevelop did have a version before called GDevApp that was running in the browser and allowed you to save and even share your games and also your events inside an event store and use your own images and sounds but it obviously cost money to offer this features in the browser while GDevelop doesn’t really make any. GDevApp quickly become a financial sinkhole and had to shut down. So 4ian decided to keep the new version that you are complaining about only a playground for testing and for now focusing on the desktop and later the mobile version.

4ian did mention something about making GDevelop to run on Chrome OS offline, but don’t know if he did give it any more thoughts or not. I’m not aware of that it will come. Chrome OS and the browser version is not a priority I guess.


I can feel your frustration just reading that message, I’m sorry :frowning:

The problem with making the online app saving is… where/how to save?
Online?, that would require a cloud service, not cheap
In the user hard drive?, possible, but downloading and re-uploading all the resources (in big projects, resources could reach 500 Mb and more)?, again, not cheap for the bandwidth
An improved hybrid?, let the user save the data in his own cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox), make the app download it only once and save back only the project and modified files?, that would be great, but hard to implement, I think something like this is planned in the way to make the Android/iOS app.

I see you aren’t happy with the Chromebook Linux support (Chrome OS is based on Linux, “giving” Linux support just enables back a feature they took out).
GD should work on Chromebooks if they support Linux programs now, have you tried it?


I’m not much of a web developer but it would be possible to run and save everything offline without need to constantly upload and download staff. Don’t know how, but this is what Construct 3 does. The actual app runs offline and save and store everything offline, you need to use the cloud only if you want and Construct 3 update automatically if you are connected, if you are not, it works offline like any regular app… 4ian also mentioned something about this but don’t know if he did look in to it or not after all. Probably not :frowning:


Hey, thinking about it… If you open a small server in the user side (as GD does on previews) the app could read the project without security restrictions nor uploading it… mmmh


The Linux functionality on chrome would be perfect for this. We just need both the server side and the client side. That would completely side step the current Linux chromebook limitations with gpu and sound, while providing server side IO that is still actuall on the local machine.


Further, this same solution could be used with any multi-machine or vm setup. I could setup a local server on a box and give local cloud client access to a room full of chromebook students. I just need the rest of the stack…


Could also try CrossOver to run GDevelop on Chrome OS, I never tried: … s.cxoffice

Also could try to run Windows VM’s on a server with GD and Chrome installed then use Chrome Remote Desktop to connect the Chromebooks to a VM and run GDevelop remotely: … jmpp?hl=en
Don’t know much about servers and VM’s, not sure how feasible it is in a school environment.

Also found this business solution to host any Windows apps on a server and run it even from a Chromebook:
Not sure if would it fit a school environment but I believe they do have a solution for hosing a server locally so you don’t need to connect to the other side of the globe…

4ian was talking about something local to the web browser and something specific to Chrome OS to run web apps offline. I know there is File API for HTML5 but it was something “really cool” he seemed excited about it but then didn’t come up with anything… Don’t know what it was, should ask him about it :stuck_out_tongue:


So 4ian decided to keep the new version that you are complaining about only a playground for testing and for now focusing on the desktop and later the mobile version.

A MOBILE VERSION ? Really!! This would be so aweseome!! A Mobile Version (Android) So i could use GDevelop on my Samsung Tab S4 !!! Ohhh men, this would be sooooo great !!!


Don’t hold your breath for a mobile version though. 4ian did show some interest to bring GDevelop for mobile devices at the beginning, but since then nothing has been confirmed, it was just an ‘idea’ and possibility with the new HTML5 based IDE and engine that he seemed to be interested in but there is no word and nothing has been confirmed regarding a mobile version. GDevelop is for desktop only for now and the web version is used for playground only. No mobile version is coming to my knowledge, it is just something that in theory would be possible with the current code-base.


Ohh ok, thank you for your feedback, so if you want something like GDevelop but also usable online or via Mobile (Smartphone, Tablet) the only solution is Construct3 :frowning: But hey, i LOVE GDEVELOP anyway !! Thanks for such a great tool for free !


Yeah, pretty much. There was others too trying to compete in that field (no coding in the browser) including GDevApp but Construct 3 the only one standing unless we consider Scratch an alternative. It is also available for the web now therefore can be used on mobile devices too but focusing on education instead of actual production of commercial games:


Yes but GDevelop is something special also without Mobile App or online IDE :slight_smile: