Top off window deseperense


i will LOVE TO SEE YOU ACN make your own top of game window with custom icons and custom close custom minimize and custom focus!!!


Actually, you need do this:
Project manager -> Icons (there’s options for desktop, Android and Ios with sizes).

About this I don’t know. Maybe someone answer…


After export, the menu bar is hidden, so you can make your own custom menu bar inside your game.
But there won’t be a feature to customize the default menu bar.


Not that kind I mean the icon where you close the game and all that


Like wallpaper engine and fortnite


As far as I know, electron doesn’t support window skinning explicitly because it is multiplatform.

This means that while you can add your own buttons in the game that minimizes your window or exits, you cannot remove the native operating system buttons.

Even frameless window support (no buttons at all) isn’t fully supported on all OS by electron.

As electron is not part of the engine, just what is used to package the final game, it isn’t necessarily something GDevelop contributors could implement.