There is no icon and problem with exporting to the web


Hello everyone. Can I ask you for advice? I have an exported win game, but the icon I set up for win is not shown. Instead, the boot icon is a Gdevelop character.

The second problem is that I tried to export the same game to Gdevelop but I can’t run it. The generated link is here:

Thank you for your help.


have you set an icon at project properties?
you can choose generate from image


Yes. In game settinigs / icons / desktop icons

It also gives me a really icon for windows. As for the game for the web, I can’t even run it.

Thanks for your reaction.


can you show somecode? does it works on preview?


How can I do it? I can send .json of the game. No problem, but variables etc have czech note. The working game is here:!EWLcEdGxIx5K/pexeso-zviratka-exe. In this time is working in desktop mode only.


you can send the code or some screen captures here. What you prefer. As gdevelop works with actions and there are small things that can only notice if you see the coded is hard to guess whats happening.
You can write some comments in the code :smile:


Here’s the game file for gdevelop. You can take a look. The problem function is not, the game works as it should. But when I export it for the web, there is nothing. When I export it to a desktop, it’s not a good icon. It is memory game (pexeso).

Thanks :smiley:


Problem is here :

You need to click on the blue button, wait, and see all the icons generated just below, the empty fields will be set automatically.
The rest of the event seem correct.
Have you start this project on GD4, and convert it for GD5 ?


Thank you for answer.
Now I have only active desktop icon. Its source is in my HDD and is in place in the icon compartment. I will try to import icons for all versions with a blue button.

Have you tried to export this project to the gdevelop site? I wonder if the game will work for you. I can’t go through the gdevelop web.

I started the project with Gdevelop 5.