The new forum is here!


Welcome to the new GDevelop forums.

:information_source:If you had an existing account on the old forum, please click on Log In then I forgot my password to create a new password. If you have tried and not received the email, try again in a few hours.

The new forum is based on a new engine (called Discourse) that provides several new features and a modern design (including on phones and tablets). Read more about it here.
If you don’t have an account, create one and join the community! :wave:

made this a banner . It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user. #2


The new forum is based on a new engine (Discourse) that will provide nice several features:

  • Modern look and feel, less cluttered than the old PhpBB based forum.
  • Works well on mobile and tablets. You can even create a link to your homescreen and have it like an app on Android.
  • View all of a thread on a single page.
  • Badges earned when you do actions on the forum, and badges for regular users that are active in the community!
  • Views with “top” threads, latest thread.
  • Draft for your post.
  • Support for markdown and bbcode.
  • Secured with HTTPS everywhere.

and more! :slight_smile: It’s a bit of a change, but this robust forum engine should have us covered for the next years, hopefully decade :smiley:



I’ll try as soon as possible the pwa features, awesome :slight_smile:


The PWA features are incredible :slight_smile: Huge step forward compared to the old forum, you can easily do everything from your phone.


To be honest I liked the clean look and feel of the old forum better, but I like the new features the new forum has to offer.

I was wondering though, would it be possible to let us delete or hide the topics we created so we can get rid of topics opened by mistake or serve no purpose any longer when the moderators too busy to assist.



Don’t worries about this, you can send me all your posts you want delete i can do that :slight_smile:


Yes delete own posts/threads would be cool.
We also lost text-size and attachments.


new forum is cool but don’t get used to it. Or there are few new posts or I don’t know how to find them


True that there seems to be less activity, but that might be while people unlock their existing account or get used to the new forum.


By clicking latest you should see all the new posts from all categories
You can also sort posts by number of replies, views and last activity…etc
If you are logged in it even mark the latest post since you last visit with a red line

Pretty cool.


Thanks, but just in case if you are busy would be nice if I could delete or hide my own topics if I want to.


Also, please note that some password reset email also got undelivered because of spam filtering. Working on this, but if it’s the case you might want to try again to hope having another IP for the service sending emails (sendgrid), and don’t be blacklisted.

EDIT: This should hopefully get better now