[Templates] All GDevelop 5 templates - Next please?


Hi mates I already made these template my question is what do you miss so I can try to make a new template.

State machine combo attack

Top Down shooter

Castlia - A metroidvania sample

Inventoralia - Inventory and shop template

Aeralia - Aircraft battles template

Racealia - Enjoy racing to the max

28-07-2021 -Closed poll Tower defense - Toweralia

  • Tower defense
  • Car racing
  • Platformer (Mario like)
  • Other (Just vote this and add a comment of what you want)

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New poll - 28-07-2021

  • Dungeon crawler (isometric)
  • Zelda (GBA like)
  • Yarn dialogue (RPG like with avatars)

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i already voted but i think a resource gathering/crafting template for survival games would be cool


Ok mates, this week Racealia, next week Tower defense is coming… Maybe Toweralia?


Ok, mates there it is Toweralia a tower defense template
For voters @jack @Aesomorph @Bouh @Silver-Streak @muyinz @Gruk @mewki @Sciller4 @seth @arthuro555 and the others only can mention 10 per posts