[Survey] gametemplates.itch.io


Hi all!

Since I have received exactly 0 feedback since I have started this page and I am running out of ideas and motivation:

I decided to create a survey this time and I would like to ask everyone to complete the survey who is interested in game examples and templates not only for GDevelop but ANY engine and framework,

I’m going to run this survey for 1 month in December and I’m going to use the results to decide about the future of gametemplates.itch.io and what content I am going to be working on in 2020 if any.

Thank you for everyone who take the time to complete the survey.


So far the participation was great!

However, except a couple of people, most of you who did select Other in the questions, did not bothered to use the Comment box to let us know what Other option would you choose.
If this is apply to you, please take the survey again, this time, choose only Other and use the comment box to let us know what other option would you choose.
Thank you.

Also, some people decided they are using all engines on the planet, they target all platforms on the planet, they need all features, services, tools, and developing all sort of genres on the planet.
Those submits will be ignored and going forward I have limited the number of answers you can select for each question!
If this is apply to you, please take the survey again, because your recent submits going to be ignored!

Thank you!