Sound Effects Becoming Clipped or Very Loud


I have installed beta 108 and tested with the same project. I can now reproduce this issue.

Here’s an export with b108.

Here’s the event sheet:

There is an audible popping when spamming the K key.

This behaves differently for me as the B105 export above:

@arthuro555 Any ideas on this one? you are the one with most recent hands on the audio system.


Ah! Thanks so much! Hopefully it can get resolved.


Like I said previously, I couldn’t find anything wrong while investigating the problem. What changed is that I almost completely rewrite the sound system, so that we don’t reload the sound files each time you play a sound, but reuse the already loaded one (a core feature of Howler, the sound library we use), so it is possible I introduced a bug somewhere, but that sounds unlikely as everything seems to be working fine when looking into the data of the sounds that are “cracking/popping”. My best guess is an issue with Howler.


I’ve opened an issue on the GDevelop github here:
I think we’ll need someone that can actually review the issue (and GD5 code) to be able to confirm it’s a howler issue and open the issue on their github, as I don’t know enough to do so.


Yes! You just need to lower the value Output > Amplification. By default this is 100%, and in my screenshot, I changed it to 50%.



Ah that is handy. Thanks.